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Lay Teachers

Lay Teachers

Supporting Non-Professional Teachers to Introduce Refugees to National Languages.
Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships project Nº 2018-1-ES01-KA204-050993.


About the project

Improving access to adult learning for migrants, as well as learning provision for refugees and people seeking asylum, including host country-language learning, are main priorities for the EU. Migrants and refugees need language. However, it takes a long time until they live in an environment in which systematic learning of the language is possible or until they have access to proper language courses. This is where the many volunteers and tutors from NGOs who also assist migrants and refugees with language learning have a part to play

Lay Teachers

Lay Teachers are nonprofessional instructors who are not certified or fully trained according to the standards of the area or country. Lay teachers can avoid the usual traps for professional teachers giving school-type language classes for refugees. This open thus the path for pedagogical innovation. They can set up also non-conventional learning environments, like non-formal and informal learning.


The aim of LAY TEACHERS project is to support non-professional teachers, also known as Lay Teachers, as volunteers who collaborate with adult education providers and civil society organisations who assist migrants and refugees, supporting them with innovative non-conventional teaching learning methods and resources, like Cooperative learning and contextual Meaning-based learning, tailor made to introduce refugees to the national languages.

Users & Beneficiaries

The main target users of the project products are non-professional teachers and volunteers working with adult education providers and civil society organisations.

Final beneficiaries are migrants and refugees.

ACCESS to LAY TEACHERS Online Platform of Open Educational Resources on introducing migrants and refugees to national language

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